Employee Training


In general, we train employee’s for real-world applications, to keep up with the latest industry standards, new rules governing our area of expertise or bringing new Staff / employees up to speed etc; all important parts of the well-maintained business.

The truth is though, most companies are unaware of the best reasons for offering staff training and the positive impact it has in the useful running of your organisation:

  • It improves performance across the board
  • Adds engagement between workers and bosses
  • The growth of staff retention and company expansion
  • Creates an expectation of training (which leads to)
  • The furtherance of employee life skills
  • Tracks employee skills
  • Creates a more involved workforce

So why is (deep breath), staff training online security so important it got its own by-line?

Well, thanks to Covid 19 and the mass move to home working, lots of people are now working on company servers from an intrinsically unsafe place, not behind the companies firewalls but generally through a far less locked down Home PC connected via the internet with various versions of antivirus (mostly free) and un-updated software with unfettered access to the most interesting web sites that most probably would (or should) be locked out of company systems.

This means more onus is placed on the employee to ensure best safe working practices (or in internet parlance – to define when a computer error exists between the keyboard and the chair), thus staff training on online security should actually become mandatory because (dry facts warning*)…

  • 77% of UK workers have never received any form of cyber skills training
  • 27% of these people use the same password for multiple accounts
  • 69% admit they do not have confidence to protect their own data
  • 14% keep passwords in notepads on their desktops
  • 14% do not use Multifactor Authentication unless forced to do so

Now, it’s easy to blame workers for exercising such poor security practices but now that company servers are being thrown into that particular mix, maybe it’s time for employers to offer them the training they need; and with no clear end to the pandemic in sight, what better time to enrol in an all in one staff training program that encompasses all of the above?

An employee that is learning new things enjoys the interest and validation the company is showing in them, they recognise this is training that will follow them into any future career endeavours and in truth, we all love learning new stuff – there’s a dopamine hit   when we suddenly understand a new paradigm (and we all love that!).

So, where do we (LBTech Solutions), come in? Well, through our partners at Wizer, we can offer you free, yes free (as in no strings attached) training in Online Security at https://wizer-training.com/partner/lb-tech/  So don’t delay, sign up today…


* https://securityitsummit.co.uk/briefing/uk-workforce-lacking-basic-cyber-training/